Clickatell Launches Chat Commerce Workflow Builder, Making It Easy for Brands to Interact with Consumers on Chat Apps

New product removes technical complexities, delivering immediate consumer satisfaction and returns

Clickatell (, the leader in mobile communications and Chat Commerce, announced today the launch of Chat Flow (, a new product that enables organizations to easily create, edit, test, and manage Chat Commerce communications across multiple channels. With Chat Flow, companies deploy turnkey user experiences with little or no-code requirements using popular chat apps. Chat Flow slashes the time to market and brings tangible returns almost immediately.

“Clickatell’s Chat Flow product has been a great tool to help us scale our mission to make education more accessible,” said Jaryd Raizon, Country Manager at The Knowledge Trust ( “It has enabled us to build bots that allow our members to get interviewed autonomously on their own time and from the comfort and safety of their home. This is just the start, and we’re excited to deploy more solutions through Chat Flow.”

Chat Flow’s app-like functionality on trusted chat channels, which provides consumers with in-depth product information, issue resolution, and the ability to interact and make purchases within a chat conversation, is timely and highly valued, according to recent research. Clickatell’s own recent research ( shows 54% of consumers have used a chat app to talk to a business, with younger generations doing so at even higher rates. Forrester’s Moments Map, 2020, reports 23% of U.S.-based adults online already use chat to communicate with businesses at least monthly. While Chat Flow delivers all the efficiencies that come with communications in chat and automation, it also facilitates the seamless handover to human service agents, if customers want this.

“Businesses can reduce customers’ frustrations that come with waiting in a queue or being placed on hold by engaging with them in their preferred chat apps,” said Clickatell Chief Product and Technology Officer Jeppe Dorff. “Chat Flow makes it easy for brands to deploy Chat Commerce and support their customers’ interactions as they search for and learn more about products and services, resolve queries and disputes, place orders, make purchases, and track or return their orders in chat. It’s easy for businesses to understand the many benefits of chat, but they are wary of complex and costly technical requirements. For the first time, Chat Flow makes it possible for organizations to visually design, build, and test conversational experiences using simple drag-and-drop functionality, all orchestrated against existing systems and investments. Chat Flow is a low-risk, high-reward solution that gives organizations access to all the benefits of Chat Commerce in an environment that has been designed to allow them to remain agile and responsive to external changes – something that this last year has shown to be vital,” he said.

Chat Flow is a web-based workflow building and management tool that allows businesses to quickly and easily make their brand visible on the chat channels their customers are using. Chat Flow enables businesses to easily modify the customer experience as required. It significantly reduces the time to get new, innovative Chat Commerce experiences to market.

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