Enterprise Technology Spotlight: It’s All About IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is in the spotlight. It was the fifth World IoT Day. Also, this Verizon launched its second annual State of the Market: Internet of Things 2016 report. The report shows that revenue growth is by far the biggest factor driving IoT adoption in the enterprise, and IoT deployments are seen as a mainstream path to generating higher revenues for enterprises.

We showcase articles, interviews and a slideshow which look at the different aspects of IoT including IoT security challenges and the impact on the data analytics.

Enterprise IoT Hitting Its Stride, Says Verizon Report

Verizon’s Mark Bartolomeo discusses how enterprises are benefitting from IoT technology, building it into their strategies and business models. “We’ve seen a shift away from just talking about [the IoT] and toward [deploying] use cases,” says Bartolomeo. (IoT Journal)

Not coming soon, already here: IoT Already Mainstream, Verizon Claims

This article examines the five factors driving IoT growth in the enterprise. In addition, Tom Villa discusses Verizon’s IoT strategy. The company is building its IoT capabilities while focusing on five key vertical markets — agriculture, energy, healthcare, transportation and smart cities. (Light Reading)

IoT will shake up world of data analytics, says report

It’s no secret that IoT provides a wealth of new data for enterprises. However, these companies are really only scratching the surface when it comes to generating actionable intelligence out of that data. Expect that to change going forward. Fifty percent of businesses expect to be using more than 25 percent of their IoT data (thanks to data analytics) by 2018-2019. (Computerweekly UK)

Existing security best-practices can handle exploding Internet of Things exposure: Verizon

“The security question and challenge for IoT is no different to security questions elsewhere,” said Robert Le Busque, managing director for operations and strategy-APAC, Verizon. The forecasted rapid increase in IoT solutions and enterprise deployments will require well thought out and well managed security practices. (CSO Australia)

Verizon IoT Report in Pictures

A different take on the report with a SlideShare from New IP featuring facts, figures, quotes and images! (The New IP).