Chameleon Fibre Launches Free Fibre Comparison Offering

As access to the Internet becomes increasingly important, consumers are left trying to get to grips with which service provider to select. With a legacy of poor service and high costs, South Africa is finally starting to open up and offer reliable and affordable fibre choices. To assist in selecting the best fibre provider, Chameleon Fibre recently launched and is offering free comparisons to assist consumers to make the right selection.

Dean Ormsby, COO, Chameleon Fibre says that there are several factors driving bandwidth demand: “South Africa has a diverse and large population that demands connectivity. Not only for social, but education and business are also driving the use of technology, and anyone without access, will be at a disadvantage and left behind.”

He says Chameleon Fibre has been developed to assist consumers to easily select and connect with the right provider: “While the role of mobile broadband is important, fibre-based fixed-line is equally important as it enables consumers to have access to affordable last-mile, high-speed services.

Built around the customer Chameleon Fibre has four user categories: Home, Small Business, Streaming, and Fibre-to-the-business (FTTB). By simply inserting your physical address and specifying certain usage requirements, a consumer will immediately gain access to a comprehensive, customised list of product packages available in their fibre-live areas.

Knowledge and access to fibre providers play a significant role in consumer dissatisfaction: “The current fibre market is unbelievably confusing. Some consumers don’t even know that they are in a fibre-live area. If they do, they are often overwhelmed by the complexity of choice between the various infrastructure providers and Internet Service Provider (ISP) packages on offer.”

In launching Chameleon Fibre, consumers have a portal to assist in simply selecting and connecting. Information provided includes data, network, and ISP requirements, fibre packages and solutions from leading brands. “Once we have assisted the consumer to select a package, the order can be placed within our platform.”

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