iWayAfrica Kenya Acquires Callkey Networks Terrestrial and VSAT Customer Base

A leading African ISP, iWayAfrica Kenya, has secured regulatory approval to acquire the terrestrial and VSAT customer base of Callkey Networks, a Nairobi-based corporate communications service provider and subsidiary of ImaraSat.

In a strategic move to grow its local presence, iWayAfrica Kenya finalised the deal with CallKey to acquire its 200-strong customer base. The acquisition was also in support of Government efforts to improve the quality and reach of internet connectivity. The signing marks an end to months of negotiations between the companies, and engagement with the regulators, to ensure a seamless transition for customers.

iWayAfrica Kenya, Managing Director, Kenneth Munyi said that the Internet provision business has become highly competitive: “Offering top notch service is critical in a market that is as mature as Kenya’s. With a population approaching 44 million people; hospitals, schools, higher learning institutions and County Government require reliable and secure connectivity. iWayAfrica has the latest technology and the know-how to provide the IT solutions that these institutions need.”

He says that iWayAfrica has invested and expanded its terrestrial and wireless capabilities to complement its country-wide coverage of its VSAT service, offering a reliable and high-quality service for all business sectors across Kenya.

iWayAfrica customers also benefit from a rich bouquet of solutions that deliver quality and dependable service. An array of choices suited to customers’ needs has been developed, including cloud data management solutions, end-point and advanced enterprise security solutions, all in line with the evolving IT space offering for data security.

“This market consolidation permits a step change for iWayAfrica to embrace new economies of scale and offer these benefits to the Kenyan customer,” says Munyi.