LanDynamix Helps Israeli Based, Clariter, to Drive Collaboration Across its Global Business

LanDynamix has helped Clariter implement a range of Microsoft solutions to enable the effective sharing of information and collaboration across the company’s offices in Israel, Poland, Luxembourg, and South Africa. The new collaborative platform played a key role in helping Clariter adapt swiftly to the radically altered working conditions associated with responses to the COVID-19 emergency.

Clariter has created an innovative process to transform plastic waste into three product families that can be used in industrial processes: oils, waxes, and solvents. These pure, fossil-fuel alternative products are used as ingredients to make over 1000 clean, plastic-free everyday products.

“Clariter’s unique process ends the plastic life-cycle by turning it into products that can be used elsewhere, and thus offers a solution to one of the greatest pollution challenges of our time. Collaboration and information sharing are mission-critical issues for many businesses but even more so for a clean-tech company,” says Lance Soller, IT Manager at Clariter. “I realised that creating a digital platform to enable this was vital.”

Soller elected to work with LanDynamix based on past experience with the company. He knew its team was client- and delivery-focused, and had the deep skillsets needed to implement the project across multiple countries.

The first step was to transition the company onto Office 365.

“We worked closely with Clariter’s IT team to test the software before making the transition—it was important that the process was smooth because of the geographical spread of users,” says Peter Clarke, CEO of LanDynamix. “Of course, there were challenges, but we were able to resolve them quickly through close collaboration between our team and that of Clariter.”

An important element of this phase was to create a single information store to ensure that all the company data was automatically backed up and available in a single location on OneDrive. OneDrive also ensures that users could access their data from any device or location, facilitating today’s anywhere-anytime work style.

Next, says Soller, he worked closely with the LanDynamix team to deploy Microsoft Teams across all devices. A key requirement was to enable him to access user devices remotely to assist and train them as needed.

“Our employees have adopted Teams, and are using it extensively to collaborate, including the sharing of files, video clips, and holding meetings,” he says. “The technology really works for us as our offices are spread across four countries.”

The final phase of the project involves deploying a company-wide SharePoint portal. SharePoint can be used both as a document management and storage system but is highly configurable and can be adapted to many use cases. “LanDynamix delivered its usual high level of service and played a key role in ensuring the success of this project,” Soller concludes.