Nokia Enables Egyptian Companies to Leverage Internet of Things for Business Opportunities

As one of the world’s renowned innovation leaders, Nokia is hosting a local Internet of Things (IoT) event in Cairo over three days from 23-25 October 2017. Organisations across the world are investing in digital transformation to remain relevant to their customers and survive disruption. The IoT is one element in this transformation journey and has the potential to transform every industry, even traditional ones.

During the three-day workshop, Nokia is presenting solutions to meet the extraordinary demands and opportunities of a world where everyone and everything are increasingly connected and uniquely positioned to create new types of networks that are intelligent, efficient, and secure.

According to Dr Muneer Zuhdi, Head of IoT Smart City Solution, “IoT brings huge opportunities to businesses in MENA, looking to reduce cost, generate new revenue opportunities and enhance customer experience. IoT applications will define future cities and impact every aspect of people’s lives. These applications aim to make cities smart, safe, and sustainable. The goal is to improve the quality of people’s lives, enhance their safety from natural or man-made disasters, and maximise the efficient use of resources.”

Nokia will showcase to its telecom partners and customers how they can tap its latest innovations to meet the increased demands of a digital era and an IP-connected world by delivering next-generation technologies and services. Through IoT and smart city concepts, Nokia will showcase how the technology can automate our lives by connecting mobile devices to appliances, lights, roadways and just about everything – a shift that will improve efficiency and enable economic, social and environmental sustainability in Egypt.

Nokia has all the building blocks for the smart city end-to-end solution whether it is over fixed or mobile networks. The solution is highlighted by its IMPACT IoT Platform, a secure, standards-based platform on which to build and scale new IoT services. It enables cities to securely host applications from multiple agencies in addition to their own applications. Nokia also provides the end to end security and services. The Nokia IMPACT IoT platform allows secured and authenticated collection of IoT data, which is only distributed to authorised applications and end users. It features Nokia’s NetGuard Endpoint Security network-based anti-malware solution that provides robust, multi-layered security across the platform to safeguard data, identities and devices. When the IMPACT IoT Platform detects abnormal traffic, it sends a notification to the application or end user and has the capability to update the firmware to fix a security hole or instruct the network to stop the device from transmitting.