Paratus Mozambique Accelerates Connectivity in the Region Through Reliable Infrastructure

In many developing countries, local and international communications still often rely on expensive satellite links and a lot of people are still without access to a quality and reliable Internet connection.

ICT infrastructure has become the basic building block of our modern society,” explains Paratus Mozambique managing director, Rui Costa. “It is a powerful engine of growth in the region where the costs for telecommunications is still very high. Our core mission is to ultimately close the digital divide through investing in infrastructure to provide and improve connectivity in the region,” he added.

Paratus Mozambique, is trail blazing throughout the region by leveraging their extensive network footprint as well as their partnership with one of the biggest global wireless broadband hardware manufacturing companies, RADWIN, to strengthen businesses’ connections. In addition to offering businesses Fiber and Microwave solutions through its own 3.5 gHz spectrum band, the telco operator also offers reliable VSAT solutions that can connect businesses anywhere. 

Backed by additional capacity on three international routes of connectivity that guarantees quality and reliability, it’s no secret why a host of reputable financial institutions, including FNB, Standard Bank and United Bank for Africa (UBA) are already onboard, receiving world-class telecommunication services.

We don’t believe in compromising when it comes to your ensuring your business is connected,” says Costa. “For us, investing in quality and reliable infrastructure has become custom to how we do business. We are thinking big about connecting Mozambique to the world.”