Paratus Puts Customers First with New Technology

As part of its strategy of putting its customers first, Paratus Namibia has launched its new map coverage function to make it easy and quick for customers to locate, choose and sign up for services and products. A first for Namibia, the new function on the Paratus website allows customers to simply drop a pin on their location on the coverage map, or type in their address, to see which services are available to them.  Then, using a series of easy filters (for example: price, speed, and contract period), they can easily select the service they want and sign up online in real time.  This reduces delays drastically and relieves pressure on the customer in their decision-making process, while always giving them the option of having human interaction if needed.  

The coverage function was added to the website as part of the Paratus strategy to build and enhance their customer experience and by putting the customer at the centre of everything the company does. Using digital innovation, Paratus is making it easier for customers to access and use its services.

Paratus Namibia MD, Andrew Hall explains: “The map coverage function allows customers to complete their choice and sign up for Paratus services in one go and within seconds – a process which, in the past, could take up to two days.

“We have been able to introduce this feature not only due to innovation in digital technology but also, importantly, because Namibians are now very much more confident in making online transactions, particularly due to all the Covid restrictions.  This is the first of many customer-centric ‘applications’ that we are introducing to enhance our customer experience – we’re thinking big on their behalf to help them engage with us with speed and ease.”

The new coverage function also makes the Paratus sales process paperless, it uses Google maps in the background, and has been fully integrated with the Paratus GIS and management systems.  It will be automatically updated to add, for example, new products and services available – eg when Paratus fiber services are extended to new areas.  Andrew Hall adds: “This means that we can also manage expectations while giving our customers all the relevant information they want for their connectivity needs and pocket. Using highly sophisticated software, this takes customer service and instant sales to a new level and makes it easy for our customers to make informed choices.”