Paratus South Africa Invests to Deliver a Quality VSAT Connection in the Region

Big telecommunication satellite dish over sunset sky

A quality connection is now more important than ever before, to support businesses in tough trading times.

Paratus South Africa, part of leading pan-African telecommunications service provider, Paratus Africa, is investing in the South African satellite market to offer quality connections to the region and the rest of Africa. Satellite technology provides Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and businesses flexible, universal, reliable and cost-effective technology to address a wide range of communication needs.

Over the past 12 months, Paratus South Africa has invested in hub acquisitions to improve the quality of their connection and service offering to ISPs who lease VSAT capacity or multinational organisations that require reliable, secure and end-to-end control. VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) forms an integral part of the communications solution as it enables both internet service providers and businesses to enjoy an easily accessible, secure and cost-effective connection anywhere in South Africa and Africa.

In the wake of the current global crisis and increasingly tough trading times, businesses are being forced to acquire a range of communications solutions that will meet the growing digital needs. VSAT consequently plays a vital role in Africa’s connectivity, bridging the gaps left by traditional terrestrial networks.

“To amplify our support for growth in Africa, we have upgraded our DVB-S2 hub to the DVB-S2x hub, allowing us to sustain exceptional performance and improve end-user expectations”, says Paratus South Africa MD, Kallie Carlsen. The upgrade, pioneered by Paratus in South Africa, provides optimised and reliable Internet connectivity to service providers. Backed by the advanced mobility features of the DVB-S2x, you can position your business as an industry leader that offers better uptimes and uninterrupted business operations while focusing on what matters – creating seamless customer experiences.

Aligning with the overall group strategy of expanding its network and coverage footprint, the telecommunications visionary has also invested in additional capacity to expand communications needs in Africa via powerful satellite – the AMOS-17, through a partnership with Spacecom.

The additional capacity provides ISPs and businesses with a versatile communication solution that can be easily implemented. Through leveraging business technologies such as the AMOS-17, businesses can enjoy the instant integration and dynamism of satellite capacity which can be tailored to meet their needs.

How can VSAT help your business?

The satellite solution is ideal for businesses that lease satellite capacity to internet service providers who don’t own their own satellite infrastructure or for other carriers that want to expand their businesses.  Additional benefits of investing in satellite services are that VSAT supports Internet, LAN, Voice, video and data communications; creating a powerful communications value proposal and complete end-to-end connectivity solution for African businesses.

“As a company with roots firmly in Africa, we understand the challenges that a lot of African companies face when it comes to connectivity options. We equally understand that there is still a large percentage of African countries that remain technologically underserved, which is why we work every day to think big about connectivity and affirm our position as the Africa’s quality network”, added Carlsen.

About Paratus SA Managing Director, Kallie Carlsen

Holding a Post Graduate Diploma in Project and Programme Management and having completed an Advanced Programme in Project management (UP),Kallie Carlsen, in his more than 34 years of professional experience, has built a solid and successful career in the telecommunications sector through companies such as Plessey, Vodac, Bytes and Dimension Data. Currently, he acts as the Managing Director of Paratus South Africa and its subsidiary Maxwell Technology ( Pty) Ltd, specialising in VSAT connectivity solutions.

About Paratus

Paratus is a full-service network spanning the African continent and connecting customers internationally. We offer a high-quality network across 6 African countries – Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia – with additional international points-of-presence located in Johannesburg (South Africa), Lisbon (Portugal) and London (UK). Our extended network provides satellite connectivity to 2500 terminals in 22 African countries in central and west Africa.