Paratus Zambia Leads in ‘State-Of-The-Art’ Data Center Facilities

Paratus, a leading provider of quality business communication and hosting services in Zambia, will soon announce the opening of its new data center in the heart of Lusaka.  The new purpose-built facility will enable businesses to store and access their most vital asset, their data, at any time (24/7) in a secure and world class 3-tier equivalent data center.

The 1-megawatt (MW) facility will leverage the latest physical and virtual security to ensure the secure storage, protection, and management of data. The data center will also offer businesses modern-age Cloud computing that will help businesses not only enhance operational efficiencies but help cut IT capital and operating costs that comes with on-premise data storage and management.

Paratus Zambia MD, Marius van Vuuren says:  We are demonstrating our commitment to deliver the best quality services within an ever-growing and transforming ITC sector. We are raising the bar with our investment in infrastructure and with this ultra-modern facility – because while there are other data centers, none are of this quality, standard and capacity in Zambia.

According to van Vuuren, the Paratus Data Center is not only a much-needed addition to the Zambian ICT sector, but a necessary investment that will help raise the standard and quality of available Tech services in the country. 

Moving data off-site to a fully secured facility – a data center – not only guarantees enhanced processing and protection of data but offers redundancies on connectivity, power, cooling and features fire suppression and security capabilities that traditional onsite set ups might struggle with. 

The carrier neutral facility will offer various physical and virtual hosting services as well as opportunities for Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to help provide high-availability, faster performance and security to websites within Zambia and in the region. 

Here are just a few indications of power reliability and resilience which the carrier-neutral facility will offer:

· 1-Megawatt Power Capacity

· Redundant A&B power feeds

· 2 dedicated Generators – one per feed for comprehensive resilience delivering a total of 2 MW providing 72-hours of fuel autonomy

· Diverse Power Feed design throughout

· Fully resilient modular 500 kVA UPSs per feed (A&B) dedicated to the Data Centre only

· Separate utilities UPS to ensure electrical autonomy

· Lightning protection system across all buildings and engineering facilities

· Dual UPS feeds per cabinet to deliver up to 3.5kVA

The data center will be near completion towards the beginning of July 2021 but in the meantime one can contact Paratus directly to arrange for a hands-on walk-through tour of the facility to get first-hand information of what solutions are available to suit your business needs.

Van Vuuren concludes: “The Paratus data center is a milestone for Zambia and surrounding countries and marks the dawn of a new technological era for Zambian business. Any future-proof businesses should not entrust all their data and essential systems with one provider. They need greater diversity to spread risk and ensure business continuity and that is where we come in. it’s time to think big about data and be part of Zambia’s quality network.