Paratus Zambia Pioneers 100Gig Metro Fiber Ring for Telco Group

Paratus Zambia has deployed a 100Gig metro fiber ring in Lusaka, which is a first for the pan-African telecommunications Group. In addition to delivering Data Center solutions, the enterprise network will now also provide robust business fiber services, that guarantees uptime and  quality connectivity.

The capabilities of the fiber ring are unsurpassed, as it utilises technology that increases bandwidth over an existing fiber network, meaning businesses can transmit data at speeds of up to 100Gbps. Coupled with the additional capacity of Paratus’ network footprint, businesses not only get speed, but much-needed bandwidth for data-hungry applications, as well as reliable access to their branches, private data centers and cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon and Google Cloud.

Simply having a fast Internet connection is not enough, businesses need a connection that won’t bite into their bottom line with the risk of outages. Staying operational in a highly competitive market is crucial and any downtime can have far-reaching and often devastating effects across many parts of your business.

“Zambia is home to businesses that require world-class, high-capacity fiber connectivity, that won’t be compromised by downtime caused by third-party service providers who rely on other networks and cost your business money. We are able to offer a single point of contact solution that maximises your uptime and reduces costs. There is no reason to compromise on quality connectivity, quality service and quality support.”, says Paratus Zambia Country Manager, Marius van Vuuren.

As part of Paratus’ ongoing strategy to grow their footprint throughout Africa, the group activated additional capacity on the WACS submarine cable and its own Trans Kalahari Fiber via Namibia and Botswana to Sesheke, Zambia last year, further enabling businesses to be effortlessly connected in the region and to the rest of the Africa. 

“Your business deserves a reliable network partner, which is why we are committed to investing in infrastructure and providing robust technical support that is available 24/7. We do not limit ourselves in the pursuit of delivering unlimited service and support to our customers.” concludes van Vuuren.