Safaricom Selects Aviat for 5G Backhaul

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Aviat’s Single Box Multi-band Provides Lowest TCO Backhaul Solution for 5G

Aviat Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVNW), today announced that Safaricom, the largest telecom company in Kenya, has selected Aviat’s WTM 4800 multi-band radio platform for 5G backhaul. Microwave spectrum cost is one of the largest TCO (total cost of ownership) elements in many countries around the world and as capacity demands grow with 5G, more spectrum is required. Aviat multi-band provides the lowest TCO for 5G backhaul, especially in countries, like Kenya, where the cost of microwave spectrum is high.

Multi-band combines traditional microwave (6-42 GHz) and E-band (70-80 GHz) over the same link and same antenna. Multi-band lowers spectrum costs by offloading traffic from costly microwave spectrum onto less expensive E-band spectrum, while still maintaining the trusted reliability of microwave.

Aviat’s WTM 4800 is the industry’s first and only single box multi-band solution on the market and is much simpler than alternative multi-band solutions that rely on two, three and even four separate boxes. This WTM 4800 multi-band network deployment was facilitated by, Aviat Design, our cloud-based path design tool. This is the industry’s only cloud-based multi-band link design solution allowing microwave planners to see a combined, integrated view of availability and capacity for the complete multi-band link.

“We are excited to continue to expand our WTM 4800 multi-band deployments internationally,” states Pete Smith, President and CEO, Aviat Networks. “The pace of 5G rollouts is increasing and we plan to leverage our differentiated capabilities to help customers deploy the lowest TCO backhaul possible.”

Customers can design their multi-band links with Aviat Design, and purchase their multi-band links from Aviat Store, at