SEACOM Selects NETSCOUT to Offer Managed DDOS Services to Customers in Kenya and South Africa

Market-leading solution provides customers with next-generation DDoS visibility and protection

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, a leading provider of security, service assurance, and business analytics, and Africa’s leading broadband internet provider SEACOM (, have announced a strategic alliance to provide managed DDoS and security services to Enterprise customers throughout Kenya and South Africa, as well as to Wholesale customers utilising SEACOM’s subsea and terrestrial networks.

With global DDoS attacks hitting more than 5.4 million in the first half of 2021 (, an 11% increase over the same period in 2020, the need to protect IT infrastructure has never been more acute. Research from Korn Ferry ( also points to a worldwide shortage of more than 4.3 million technology workers by 2030. As a result, more than ever in the past, the risk associated with protecting networks and data from DDoS cyberattacks has never been greater.

Coupled with the unprecedented remote work challenges from the global pandemic and an increase in government and organisational cybersecurity policies, more enterprises are turning to solutions offered by managed security solution providers (MSSPs.) According to research from Modor Intelligence, the African managed services market ( will grow at 8.2% CAGR from 2021 through 2026.

“With DDoS and other malware attacks growing in sophistication, having the right threat intelligence and mitigation services in place is more important than ever,” stated Steve Briggs, CSMO, SEACOM. “Our strategic initiative with NETSCOUT provides our customers with a complete security solution delivered through a next-generation firewall. Backed by a team of threat intelligence experts, it also offers the flexibility to adapt to our customers’ existing contact and communications protocols while delivering reports that demonstrate ROI and key metrics for the C-suite.”

Protecting the availability and safety of their high-capacity network is SEACOM’s top priority. SEACOM’s managed DDoS solution is based on NETSCOUT’s Arbor Sightline with Sentinel, which delivers next-generation DDoS visibility and protection, providing SEACOM and its customers’ solid protection against DDoS attacks. Additionally, SEACOM’s service applies surgical mitigation to remove the malicious traffic and allow just the legitimate traffic to pass through, protecting the networks and ensuring the businesses continuity and online presence of their customers.

Continued investment into SEACOM’s network is what’s helped make it the safest network in Africa. Steve Briggs explained that the investment the company has made into the DDoS mitigation equipment is an important step towards ensuring that all businesses are safer from DDoS attacks. “Our o‌n-demand service is set up to be able to provide any business (whether it is o‌n our network or not) with mitigation services. If a company is in an emergency situation caused by a DDoS attack, we can quickly control the situation, and divert traffic through our scrubbing centres so that attack traffic is removed and real traffic is returned to the customer’s site. Anyone can leverage SEACOM’s Business DDoS solution when they need it most, without the need for contracts, monitoring or additional o‌nsite equipment.”

“We value our relationship with SEACOM to offer reliable and cost-effective internet and voice services to their customers,” stated Tony King, SVP, international sales, NETSCOUT. “With the ability to now offer security solutions that protect businesses from DDoS attacks, we’re helping to bring those customers greater peace of mind and a competitive advantage that ensures business continuity.”