TechSoft International Brings Systems, Devices and Data Closer with New TIBCO iPaaS Capabilities

Improved functionality to TIBCO Cloud Integration improves data synchronisation and data visibility and delivers better data governance.

TechSoft International, the exclusive African territory partner of TIBCO Software, the global leader for integration and analytics, is pleased to announce that the enhancements made to TIBCO Cloud Integration, the industry-recognised iPaaS offering, significantly expand a customer’s ability to integrate applications, data, and devices across hybrid environments.

With an iPaaS system, organisations have significantly more data control and can integrate cloud and on-premises applications to create hybrid data flows. This helps deliver a much clearer view of the data in every app while improving data synchronisation, operational workflows, data visibility, and ensuring compliance. Using the enhanced capabilities in TIBCO Cloud Integration, customers can speed up the automation of business processes and the integration of digital assets while simplifying app development and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), automation, and events-driven insights.

“This latest release acknowledges the importance of system integration that supports better data integration and organisation,” says Rajen Nagar, TechSoft International. “Essentially, the new features announced by TIBCO feature innovations that support connectivity between applications, devices, and data, all of which can be delivered via a SaaS-based platform. It’s the link customers need between their systems and their data.”

Notable feature enhancements to TIBCO Cloud Integration include the ability for developers to embed intelligence from design to deployment through accelerated integration capabilities. Using AI/ML-based smart mapping speeds up data integration and provides recommendations based on deep learning guided by a developer’s mapping choices.

Users can delegate decision authority to a shared service within TIBCO Cloud, paving the way for unified decision management and improving governance while eliminating inconsistent decision-making. It’s also making capturing business value from events easier with a new API Modeler that supports the easy design of AsyncAPIs for Apache Kafka. Event-driven APIs are now an embedded registry in TIBCO Cloud, which makes it easier to share and discover events that can be published and subscribed to with new point-and-click functionality.

“All of these features are designed to help customers connect and integrate everything from any source, which is really the future of all systems. TechSoft customers and partners will now be able to reduce the time to market for projects and automation capabilities while getting even closer to their data,” ends Rajen.