Cquential Launches Inventory Management System for Smaller Companies

Cquential – part of the Argility Technology Group and a developer of leading supply chain and warehouse management solutions and services – has launched an inventory management system (IMS) designed for smaller companies in multiple sectors.

Shaun O’Brien, CEO of Cquential, says the new application targets a sector of the market that needs access to an entry-level solution that will help them manage their inventories more effectively at the right price point.

“Cquential’s highly sophisticated warehouse management system (WMS) was developed for larger companies with a mature stock control and supply chain environment, but from speaking to clients we are aware that there many smaller companies in the South African market that are just at the beginning of their journey of digital transformation,” he says. “Our new IMS was designed with these companies in mind to give them an easy-to-deploy and highly affordable way to get their inventory under control.”

Developed in-house by Cquential’s development team and leveraging the immense intellectual capital embodied in its flagship WMS, the new IMS is a standalone product that companies can test for 30 days. If they decide to continue using it, they can purchase it as a monthly service,  so there is no obligation to commit to lengthy contract terms.

The Cquential IMS draws on Cquential’s deep understanding of the stock control environment to create a vanilla product that companies can deploy themselves using provided instructions and videos, saving massively on project management and other consultancy costs. A fundamental design principle is that the software provides the structure for the client’s warehouse, rather than the other way round. It is suitable for a warehouse facility of approximately 1 000m2 and an inventory of around 300 SKUs (stockkeeping units).

Mr O’Brien explains the IMS provides visibility of all stock from receipt through to dispatch. Its flexible design means it can be used to control any type of stock, from fast-moving consumer goods to hardware and even educational products—anything where product codes exist.

“The ability to manage stock effectively is vital in any business, and the IMS provides smaller companies with a much-needed, simple way to get a real handle on their inventory and take their customer service to the next level with greater accuracy and speed in picking orders,” Mr O’Brien concludes. “Cquential’s IMS offers companies a way to embark on digital transformation without breaking the bank and provides a solid platform for growth.”