LanDynamix Helps Henry Schein Dental Warehouse Improve its Customer Experience Through Optimised Telephony Solutions

LanDynamix – one of SAs leading ICT managed services companies – has completed a project aimed at assisting Henry Schein Dental Warehouse to improve its IT performance and telephone quality which in turn translates into greater efficiencies and enhanced customer service.

Henry Schein Dental Warehouse is a leading SA based distributor of high-quality health care solutions to dental professionals in private practice and state health facilities. 

LanDynamix designed a system architecture that aimed to improve quality of service  with voice prioritisation to ensure that calls are both clear and uninterrupted. “We service dental practitioners and hygienists across Southern Africa, and our call centre is a vital tool for us. Outbound calls are necessary to reach out to existing and potential customers, while inbound calls relate to orders or customer questions. As we are continuously striving to increase our customer service, we decided to elevate the quality of our calls ,” says Leigh Spamer, Managing Director of Henry Schein Dental Warehouse. “The LanDynamix team developed and implemented a solution that has enormously improved the call quality. We can hear the difference and see it in the response from customers even when we are working remotely.”

When LanDynamix took over Henry Schein’s telephony, it was already providing IT support, including backups, connectivity, and security.

According to Ethan Searle, LanDynamix senior technology adviser, companies are increasingly dependent on IT and networking to operate effectively even though IT is not their core business. “By providing everything as a managed service, LanDynamix ensures our customers never lose management focus on their real business and benefit from a fixed monthly price and expert support.  Simply put, we run the IT leaving our customers to focus on running their businesses.  The solution we designed for Henry Schein Dental Warehouse means they will benefit from improved IT performance as well as high-quality telephony,” he notes.

“The LanDynamix team really impressed us with their professionalism and the way they identified with our business’s ambition to improve,” says Ms Spamer. “Their communication throughout was excellent, making it an integral process for us – overall a great customer experience for us as a company  that has also led to  improved customer service for  South Africa’s dental professionals,” she concludes.