Nebula eBook – 2020 Vision: The Technology Trends Shaping the New Decade

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In a recent thought leadership piece, our CEO Daniel Nel discussed the importance of crafting a solid vision for 2020 and beyond. He outlined why it’s important to create a vision for the future, to plan for what’s next and to explore how to leverage digital tools and modern innovations to transform your workplace, to improve your processes and, ultimately, achieve efficiencies. Failing to do so could mean that the market moves forward without you.

He cited the following example. Nokia, a former global leader in mobile phones, didn’t adapt when the market started shifting from voice to data. The brand had always been a hardware business and their focus on hardware meant that they totally missed the software bandwagon. When they did eventually take the time to create their own operating system, it was already too late. Nokia delivered a poor user experience and their offering simply wasn’t competitive enough. What went wrong? They didn’t make their plans for today with the future in mind. They approached market uncertainty by waiting for their competitors to take the lead.

To avoid a similar fate, well-established and up-and-coming firms need to incorporate digital into their everyday operations and develop strategies around the role digital plays in achieving their goals this year and the future.

To help you on this journey, we’ve put together an eBook highlighting some of the technology trends that will be shaping the market in 2020 and for years to come. But we’re not just giving you a list of trends. In this=eBook we provide our insights into why these technology trends are so important, we explain how they’re affecting the local market and we also offer advice around how to best leverage these emerging innovations and technologies. Finally, the eBook details why now is the time to really leverage the power of digital transformation.

The eBook features five key technology trends that will be shaping markets and disrupting industries in 2020. They include:

  • Tipping point for cloud adoption
  • Increased demand for enterprise identity access management (IAM) solutions
  • Growing focus on cost discipline
  • New cycle of digital disruption begins
  • The robots are here