Nebula eBook – The Platform Driven Business of the Future

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Market research firm, the International Data Corporation (IDC), coined the term “the third platform” to describe the hugely disruptive world we live in. Characterised by four foundational digital technologies – namely social, mobile, analytics/big data and cloud computing – the IDC believes that these tools have enabled companies to boost efficiencies, create new customer and employee experiences and use data and analytics to drive better decisions. They’ve changed everything from how to communicate and work to how we learn, shop and travel.

According to IDC, in 2018, about two-thirds of all enterprise IT spending – which amounts to around $1.3 trillion – was devoted to third platform technologies. By the end of this year, they expect that the third platform will account for around 75% of IT budgets.

Want to find out more about how to use these new technologies to do business, better? Our latest eBook unpacks everything you need to know about the third platform. We’ve brought together a range of insights and advice about using third platform tools to accelerate innovation, create new business models and help businesses to up your competitive advantage.

Some of the topics addressed in this eBook include:

  • A look at the “first wave” in the business world’s move to the third platform, which took place between 2013 and 2015.
  • An outline of the key benefits of the four technologies that make up the third platform.
  • Predictions around where we’re headed and how the third platform will continue to evolve and reinvent IT.
  • Recommendations that will help organisations to start their journey to the third platform.
  • Advice around how we can help you clear the way for the next phase of digital transformation by adopting a strategic view of these technologies.