Software AG Achieves Leader Status in 2020 API Management Solutions Wave

Good API strategy and design are a key foundation for digital transformation

Enterprise software company Software AG has been named a leader in Forrester’s 2020 API Management Solutions Wave. This honour was awarded in part thanks to the company’s modular solution, which has comprehensive strengths to serve diverse API strategies that many businesses are looking for.

The modular solution offered by Software AG has extensive strengths to serve diverse API strategies. With the elements of its solution architected as independent-but-integrated products, Software AG’s customers can adopt its solution through various paths.

This will allow Software AG’s customers to adopt its solution via different paths that are designed as independent-but-integrated products. For example, it’s the company’s portal supports gateways from other vendors, with its Engage module adding useful capabilities for API hackathons and beta programs. As a buyer’s API program maturity grows, it can add formal lifecycle management with CentraSite, which provides a strong foundation for disciplined API programs.

Itayi Mandonga, Chief Technology Officer at Software AG says, “Our solution ranked high across a strong majority of criteria, particularly in portal, API user engagement, and product architecture. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable the efficient sharing of information and data across real-time, distributed cloud and mobile applications. Through this sharing, APIs can connect products or services to massive new communities, spanning across a broad range of industries.”

Some of the most important strengths of Software AG’s API Management solution is its ability to provide diverse API strategies especially microservices and advanced policy management. These strengths include:

  • API design
  • Policy management
  • Federated API publishing
  • Analytics make for a well-rounded solution

APIs, coupled with microservices, power digital applications and provide the data and services that make digital business possible. In today’s environment, It has become essential to know who is using your APIs in order to ensure the highest level of security and visibility. Mandonga says, “This is why an API management platform is not optional, it is an unequivocal requisite.”

In its report, Forrester cited Software AG’s solution as flexible enough to support a wide range of API strategies, especially for customers that are ready for the strong governance and discipline necessary to ensure strategic success of an API program.

“The right API management platform can make all the difference. It can elevate the customer experience, hypercharge your business agility and accelerate your digital transformation,” says Mandonga. “For our customers with integrated API and microservice environments, the vendor’s AppMesh and microservice runtime extend customers’ container and service mesh environments for greater combined management, monitoring, and governance.”

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