South African Email Marketing Leader, Everlytic Extends its Channel Partnership Programme Across Africa

Everlytic, South Africa’s leading provider of multi-channel bulk messaging and automation-driven marketing software, recently launched its Channel Partnership Programme ( with the aim of partnering with like-minded businesses and agencies in South Africa, Africa, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, and Scandinavia. The pioneering technology company, which has been ranked the fastest-growing tech company in South Africa and the third fastest in Africa by Deloitte, is looking for channel partners which have existing, complementary relationships with customers who have a need for a bulk and targeted, automated digital messaging solution.

Everlytic is no stranger to the global market, with the team already servicing international customers in various sectors – but expansion has never been a focus until now. New channel partners would ideally include marketing agencies (and the numerous specialisations within marketing that speak to bulk campaigns); consultancies with expertise in the CRM space or companies selling other similar solutions looking to round out their offering; as well as technology distributor partners – and particularly data-focused software and technology providers in the marketing technology sphere. 

“We are looking to identify channel partners selling related solutions to their existing clients who might have a need to communicate with consumers across multiple direct channels whether in bulk or through targeted automation. Our value proposition is simple: we share upwards of 20% of all qualifying monthly recurring receipts with partners, whilst we take care of the tech, support, service, billing, and our sales specialists sell with you and empower you with everything you need,” explained JD Engelbrecht, Managing Director, Everlytic. “With this model, no restructuring or investment from partners is required; instead, we come on board as a trusted partner that enables you to grow your profits with very little effort and no risk.”

Often referred to as ‘the best-kept secret’ in the South African technology industry, Everlytic has become the most chosen enterprise solution in its field, and the business has grown to employ over 70 talented employees and software developers, with offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. The company has a proven track record with enterprise customers that span sectors and industries and has become synonymous with excellent customer support, which stems from a personal, transparent relationship with every customer. When working with new channel partners located abroad, support will be provided by the well-versed South African-based Everlytic teams.

“We believe that our marketing and automation software solves customer pain points that are universal – and our bold approach to harnessing data to drive engagement and enable customers to create personalised, impactful content is widely applicable in markets around the world,” added Engelbrecht. “Our customers have come to expect advanced functionality, customised solutions and a close working relationship, at a price point that makes it both affordable and sustainable in the long term. Customers very rarely leave us – we are strategic partners to our customers.”

Having become the clear frontrunner and market leader within marketing and automation technology in South Africa, the natural next step for Everlytic is to seek forward-thinking channel partners across geographies.